Temescal Development (Oakland)

Temescal Development (Oakland)


The project team is pleased to present the pre-application for an infill, mixed‐use development in the Temescal area.

The proposed project includes 57 dwelling units and 4,086 square feet of commercial space in the heart of the Temescal neighborhood.

Proposed Project

The proposed project will be developed on two parcels with a combined area of 18,575 square feet. The proposed project includes a 5‐story, mixed‐use building and 3‐story residential building totaling 57 residential units and 4,086 square feet of ground‐floor commercial space. Building 1 includes all of the project’s commercial space and 54 residential units.

This proposed project is seeking a 35% density bonus pursuant section 17.107 of the City of Oakland zoning code and GC 65915, State Density Bonus Law. Though the base project’s allowed maximum residential density would be 42 residential units, the proposed project will provide 5 Very Low Income units (11% of the base project), which entitles the project to a 35% bonus. This will allow 57 total dwelling units.

As allowed by Oakland’s density bonus ordinance, the project would ask for the following waivers:

  1. Reduction in setback requirements and side lot lines.
  2. Exceed height limitations beyond 45’ and 4 stories.

At the ground floor, the Telegraph Avenue frontage is largely occupied by commercial space and with a pedestrian entrance to the residential lobby that leads to upper‐level units via elevators and stairs. The side street frontage provides access to the commercial and residential vehicle parking, a bike storage room for residents, a secure stairwell leading to upper‐level residential space, and access to internal operations space including commercial and residential garbage room.

At the second floor, building 1 provides a 2,184 square foot courtyard (group usable open space) and be
surrounded by 14 residential units. Floors three to five follow the second‐floor’s building footprint creating a “V”‐shaped massing provides natural air and light down to the courtyard and into each unit. Building 1 also includes private balconies connected to several units on the eastern façade and a 1,920 square‐foot roof deck for additional group usable open space.

Building 2 includes ground‐floor vehicle and bicycle parking with three residential units above with one residential unit per floor. The four‐story structure is smaller in scale than building 1 to minimize shadows and privacy impacts for the projects only neighboring single‐family residential home.

Parking and Circulation

The proposed project is expected to have a low vehicle parking demand given the close proximity to goods and services, multiple bus stops, a bike share station, and BART station. The total required vehicle parking for the 57‐unit and 4,086 square foot commercial space in the project is 57 residential parking spaces and 7 commercial parking spaces. The proposed project would request a Conditional Use Permit per Section 17.116.290C of the Municipal Code to reduce parking by 50% and provide 28 residential vehicle parking spaces and 3 commercial parking spaces.

Compliance with Development Standards

The project site is located within the Commercial Neighborhood‐2 (CN‐2) zoning district with a 45’ height limit district, and adjacent to the Mixed Housing Type Residential (RM‐1) Zone.