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Vital Building & Enterprises, Inc., under the direction of Vitale, concentrates its efforts in the avenues of real estate development in which it is currently involved, including construction and management of all projects. We operate our projects with a team of qualified Superintendents, Foreman, Project Managers, and crew as needed for each project. We are very serious about our work, diligent, precise and concerned with quality control, and end product.

Vital Building & Enterprises, Inc. holds both an A (General Engineering) & B (General Contracting) license. We have completed numerous projects from complete site development through to turnkey, finished end user product. Vital Building & Enterprises, Inc. is a speculative real estate development, as well as Commercial/Residential Construction Company.  We also offer Real Estate Development & Construction Services.

Vital Building has also completed the TI Build-Out of various office spaces, the complete TI of a Sylvan Learning Center School, and a Dentist office, to name just a few.


We typically focus on raw land development, from the ground up, that is the design of subdivisions, including the streets, lots, and on/off site improvements necessary to sustain the Subdivision. Our projects include a combination of both commercial, residential, and residential mixed use developments.

Our goal is that local cities use our projects as examples of medium-high density developments that not only work well within the community, but also represent the proper style and character of each city respectively. Additionally, we engage in larger Land Entitlement/Subdivision developments, for sale either at tentative map or final map completion. A few of these recent examples of spec developments, as well as other Residential and Commercial projects are described below:

Walnut Creek

  •  2018-2020 19 Home Major Subdivision – Development & Construction


  • 2016 Development and Construction of 3550 sq. ft. single family home, SP $1,875,000


  •  2017-2018 4 Condo Complex – Development & Construction, $4.65 MM
  •  2018-2019  2 Home Tandem Project – Construction
  • 2005 901 Santa Barbara, 2000 sq. ft. single-family residence, $1.25M
  • 2005 909 Santa Barbara, 2000 sq. ft. single-family residence, $1.3M
  • 2003 2924 Sacramento St., Mixed –Use 4 apt. Unit, 1000 sq. ft. commercial, 1.0M


  • 2018-2019 Custom Home – Design, Development, & Construction

El Cerrito

  •  2018-2020 Design, Development, Entitlement, and Constuction of 50-60 Unit Modular Factory Pre-Fab Building
  •   2018 6,000+ Sq. Ft. Tenant Improvement Project – Construction
  • 2016-2017 1552 & 1548 Madera Circle Homes, 5250 sq. ft. each w/In-Law Units, Hillside Homes, $2.5MM each
  • 2008-2009 Various Commercial Projects as Mentioned above; Sylvan Learning Center, Dentist office, other office TI’s
  • 2005-2006 Dylan’s Way 4 Lot subdivision of Semi-Custom Spec homes. Homes range from 3850 sq. ft. to 7600 sq. ft., $8.2M
  • 2004-1073 Arlington Blvd., 9500 sq. ft. single-family residence (built home for inventor of “Bow Flex”), $3.0M
  • 2003-1375 Rifle Range Road, 4500 sq. ft. single-family residence, $2.0M
  • 2002 935 Arlington Blvd., 3850 sq. ft. single-family residence, $1.3M
  • 2001 1113 Arlington Blvd., 3750 sq. ft. single-family residence, $1.2M
  • 2000 836 Arlington Blvd., 2500 sq. ft. single-family residence, $750K
  • 2000 Janie Ct. 4 Lot Subdivision in El Cerrito, Single Family Residences, each home approx. 2000 sq. ft., $2.5M


  •  2018-2019 Design, Development, Entitlement of 57 Unit Building in Temescal District
  •  2018-2019 2 Home Tandem Project – Construction
  • 20118-2019 5 Home Tandem Project – Construction
  • 2016-2017 Construction of 5 Retro Victorian Single Family Homes, 1550 sq. ft. each, $849,000 each
  • 2014 Construction of 3550 sq. ft. single family home
  • 2007 10 Lot Subdivision of 3 story single family homes (Henry St. Mews) $5-6M

Richmond / San Pablo

  • Approximately 40+ Single Family Homes 1994-2000

Following is a partial list of cities in which I have developed and/or built properties/projects, including working with the Staff of the Planning, Zoning, & Building departments.

  • Alamo
  • Berkeley
  • Contra Costa County
  • Danville
  • El Cerrito
  • Oroville, CA
  • Pinole
  • Crockett
  • Oakland
  • Richmond
  • San Francisco
  • San Pablo
  • Walnut Creek

Vital Building also offers its outside development services to those seeking to build, or develop land, or other commercial and residential projects.

  • (Pre-Phase I) The initial feasibility studies and analysis for the project.
  • (Phase I) Including coordinating efforts of all professionals in the development of all Plans necessary for the project, attendance at all City Planning Commission, and Council Meetings, through the approval process.
  • (Phase II) Site development of the land, and Construction through to a turn-key finished product, and accompanying sales if necessary.

Aaron Vitale is personally present at all Planning Commission, City Council, Zoning Adjustment Board, and Design Review City meetings for all projects. Accompanying me is my necessary team of consultants (i.e., Architect, Landscape Architect, Civil Engineer, and other professional consultants as needed depending on the project and project issues, and scope).

Luxury Home - Golf Course

Types of projects Vital Building & Enterprises, Inc. has completed and are currently involved with as Owner/Developer include:

  •  45-60+ Unit Buildings – Development & Construction (Oakland & El Cerrito)
  •  19 Home Major Subdivision – Development & Construction (Walnut Creek)
  • Modular Pre-Fab Factory built Units for Multi Unit projects
  • Construction of large single-family, Custom and Semi-Custom, high end Spec Homes, (up to 12,000 ft.), including all entitlements, and permitting required.
  • 4+-lot subdivisions, including the development of the Civil and Site Plans from dirt, direction of the design of the homes, through the construction, and sales of each home (as owner/developer)
  • The physical building move and development of the El Cerrito Mill & Lumber building (current home to VB & VP office complex), as well as the lift & move of several houses in Berkeley.
  • Multi-unit and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings
  • Mixed-use condo projects



Financial / Banking:

  • Herzer Financial, Dave Herzer, President, 650.363.8003 Relationship – financed 40+ projects over the last 23 years, more than 50MM

Real Estate:

  • Erik Housh (MRE Real Estate) 510.450.1410
  • Brenda Walker (Marvin Gardens) 510.333.5715
  • Michael Hughey (Remax Real Estate) 510.235.1708


  • India Basin Investments, For: Del Norte Plaza Shopping Center, El Cerrito
  • Salt Light Investments
  • Dr. Farahmand, Crown Dental

City Official / Agency:

  • Brian Fenty (Previous Building Official City of El Cerrito)

Also, please be sure to return to our website at www.VitalEnterprises.biz to view our portfolio of completed projects and projects under construction.